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Welcome to Northern Blessings Alpacas

Welcome to our Alpaca farm store, where we showcase the finest and most luxurious products made from the soft and ultra-warm fiber of our beloved alpacas. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, our farm offers a unique shopping experience for visitors looking for cozy, sustainable, and high-quality alpaca products. Whether you’re in search of a warm and stylish alpaca scarf, a soft and cozy alpaca blanket, or even alpaca yarn for your next knitting project, we have an extensive range of natural and hypoallergenic alpaca products for you to choose from. Join us for a tour of our farm and explore our range of alpaca merchandise that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

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Family Owned and Operated

Our family is proud to own and operate a quaint alpaca farm in the countryside. We fell in love with these gentle creatures years ago and decided to dedicate our lives to caring for them. Our farm is home to a variety of alpacas, all of whom have unique personalities and quirks. We spend our days feeding, grooming, and tending to their needs. We also love sharing our knowledge and passion with visitors and even offer hands-on experiences for those interested. Our goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our alpacas and guests alike, and we take pride in being a small, family-owned business.