Shearing day

May 24, 2020

Today we sheared 15 alpacas. Always an adventure! I’ll spare you the description of the 7 or 8 full-on frontal spits from Sno (Snodrift) as we took her down for shearing. Once down she was fine, but she is big girl who knows her own mind. By the end of the day we had a very nice array of alpaca colors all ready to be skirted , sorted, and sent off to the mill, the hand spinners, and the co-op. I will also keep some for my own feeble attempts at fleece hand processing. Practice makes perfect, right? we will see….. If you would like any alpaca fleece for your own experimentation, let me know. I have plenty available right now in almost all alpaca colors. I also have yarn from Skully, my dark rose grey male. I have roving in white and dark silver grey from Buddy and Chili-Pepper. And I have core-spun, also known as rug cording in white, beige, and bay black, from Buddy, Solomon, and Holly-Jo. Buddy sadly passed away and Solomon went to a new home. But Chili-Pepper and Holly-Jo are active members of our herd.