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May 31, 2020

May 7th started out as any other day during stay at home; clean pastures and barn, kibble the girls and the juvie boys, fill the hay bin and change waters. This was followed by the humans eating breakfast and planning the day. ELK Royal Fawns Tandy, our first girl due this season wasn’t due for another week or so. She had been very true to 342- 345 days gestation. So at 335 days we were not watching for any imminent labor signs from her. So, I didn’t jump to action when Masha texted us in the house stating that she thought Tandy would go into labor on this particular day. 15 minutes later she texted again asking us to bring the Cria kit out. what??? its too soon…. But Masha know her stuff and she knows the animals. Interestingly, we had just gone through the cria kit and had it ready. Before we could actually get outside another text comes. ” She’s started!” Oh my gosh, out we go! Tandy is a very experienced mom and had no difficulty delivering a healthy 15 pound medium brown boy. What a blessing! Our next girl, Holly Jo is due June 7th. but if she goes as long as she did last year it will be more like June 24th. So the wait and watching begins this week.